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Clemco Aerolyte Pressure Cabinet for Lightweight Media

For dry stripping with plastic or other lightweight media, pressure blasting delivers the velocity for the impact intensity needed to clean parts without damaging the surface.

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Clemco Bicarbonator Soda Blast Cabinet

The Bicarbonator pressure blast cabinet is designed for use with sodium bicarbonate media for cleaning and paint stripping. This model is for intermittent blasting, up to two hours per day. For higher-production soda blasting, Aerolyte can configure a pressure cabinet to suit your operation.

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Clemco BNP 220 Pressure Blast Cabinet

For tough cleaning jobs, pressure blasting delivers higher abrasive velocity for greater impact intensity, compared to suction blasting, and can increase your production rate by as much as 300 percent.

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Clemco BNP 220 Suction Blast Cabinet

BNP blast cabinets deliver efficient, affordable media blasting to clean, peen, deburr, or finish parts.

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Clemco Pulsar III Pressure Blast Cabinet

Heavy-duty 14-gauge cabinet shell, all-welded construction; 12.5” x 19.5” safety-glass view window; fluorescent lighting with dual 20-watt tubes; heavyduty industrial-quality adjustable chrome latches; unique air-logic system to maximize efficient use of compressed air, provides optimal media reclamation and dust collection; cabinet-mounted reverse-pulse dust collector with 1 HP motor and 195 square feet of filter area; compressed-air filter; pressure regulator; easily removable dust drum for material disposal; 1.0 cu ft capacity ASME-code pressure vessel.

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Clemco Pulsar III Suction Blast Cabinet

The first industrial, all-in-one blast cabinet includes blast system, true media reclaimer, and modern reverse pulse cartridge dust collector. Fully equipped to handle most common recyclable blast medias.

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Clemco Shop Mate Cabinet

The Shop Mate™ is a hopper suction feed entry-level intermittent-use cabinet featuring a 48” wide x 26” deep x 26” high working chamber with dual side doors, and flip up front access panel for loading heavy parts. A 120 cfm dust bag drum collector optimizes visibility inside the cabinet while blasting.

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Empire FaStrip® Cabinets

Pro-Finish® FaStrip® Cabinets are specifically designed for use with low-density media, such as plastics, that provide fast coverage without eroding substrates. Paint stripping for example, can be performed quickly and economically without the use of hazardous chemicals.

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Empire Pro-Finish Blast Cabinets

Built for production blasting, these rugged cabinets enable you to perform a long list of tasks ranging from blending surface flaws to removing foreign matter, such as carbon from pistons, without affecting tolerances. By simply varying air pressure and blast media, you can perform almost any surface finishing job more quickly and precisely than with alternative methods.

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Empire ProFormer Blast Cabinets

Empire ProFormer™ cabinets put it all together in a single assembly that's easy to move and simple to hook up. These cabinets require only two connections, air and electrical, and include features offered in high production Pro-Finish® line.

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Empire SafeStrip Cabinets

Empire SafeStrip™ cabinets contain the blast process during the cleaning and stripping of delicate surfaces. They are designed to work in conjunction with our SafeStrip portables as well as other pots capable of delivering fine media.

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