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Explosion Proof Lighting

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Western Technology 2106 BRICKette™ - Portable Explosion Proof LED Work Light

Like it's older brother (9610 BRICK) the 2106 BRICKette packs a level of versatility and durability like no other light into a smaller package. Designed to meet the needs in a variety of applications from Paint & Blast to Confined Spaces.

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Western Technology 7100 SLXP LED Swivel Mounted Explosion Proof Light

This durable swivel-mounted area light is specifically designed for working in marine environments or very wet locations. One of the most versatile multi-directional lights on the market, including a 100 foot 16/3 SOWA electric cable and a variety of additional options available.

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Western Technology 7100-300WP - Incandescent Explosion Proof Swivel Mounted Floodlight

The Model 7100-300WP – Incandescent Explosion Proof Swivel Mounted Floodlight is easy to carry, portable model with swivel base has handle for convenient carrying, built-on wrench allowing 135 deg vertical adjustment. Weighs 19 lbs/8.6 kgs

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Western Technology 7403 - HID Explosion Proof Rechargeable Flashlight

This light bodied rechargeable flashlight is compact in size yet one of the most durable and strong flashlights in its class. This compact flashlight packs a punch with a hard anodized aluminum body and 1200 lumens-Projection, a distance of 2500 ft.

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Western Technology 8100 The STRIKER™ - LED Explosion Proof Drop, Blast, & Work Light

Shine a light on the darkest of work site conditions with the 8100 STRIKER, the ultimate explosion proof long handle flashlight. From typical hand-held use to hook mounting this versatile light harnesses the best of portability and durability for almost any application!

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Western Technology 9610 The BRICK™ - LED Explosion Proof Mountable Area Light

The 9610 BRICK LED explosion proof mountable area light is the most versatile and rugged portable explosion proof LED light on the market. Built for a variety of applications ranging from Paint & Blast to Power Generation and Refineries the BRICK is the perfect choice for your portable lighting needs.

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