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DeMarco Vacuum Systems

DeMarco Industrial Vacuum Corporation is a leading manufacturer of patented industrial vacuum systems with exclusive, innovative technology suitable for any industrial environment.

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Fox Grinding & Cutting

Fox® Grinding & Cutting Machines are a product of Vulcan Engineering Co. and offers a total concept approach to improving the productivity and profitability of our customers’ cleaning rooms. Fox® equipment can be customized for any application. Vulcan also offers service and support as well as installation and start-up services with all Fox® products.

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Simpson Green Sand Equipment

The Simpson Group has a full range of continually advancing products for all areas of the sand preparation plant. Used individually or in combination, all of our products have been designed to provide a uniquely superior solution to a specific foundry requirement. Experience shows that optimization of foundry processes demands a close interaction between the machines, foundry operators and the suppliers of technology. To maximize the efficiency of the sand system, Simpson provides the ability to combine several machines into a comprehensive, integrated solution--all controlled by a centralized automation system.

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