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Graco EcoQuip 2

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EcoQuip 2 EQ200t

EcoQuip 2 EQ200t

Towable self-contained abrasive blaster
Self-contained blasting trailer with 200 CFM @ 100 PSI compressor

Designed for mid to high production projects, the EQ200t mobile vapor abrasive blasting equipment is self-contained with trailer, engine, and 200 CFM @ 100 PSI compressor, making it ready to go. The EQ200t is easy to haul and its compact design is easy to maneuver at the jobsite. Graco’s blasting equipment is rugged and built to withstand the most challenging conditions. 

Features and Benefits

 Vapor Abrasive Blasting: A cleaner, easier path to profitable results

Model/Part No. - EQ200t
Maximum Working Pressure 125 psi
Operating Temperature 35 - 110 F
Blast Hose Size(supplied) 1.25" ID
Abrasive Capacity* 880 lb
Dry Weight 4000 lb
Wet Weight* 6000 lb
Pressure Pot Volume 6.5 cubic feet
Water Tank Volume 100 gallon
Air Consumption 210 CFM

*Abrasive capacity and wet weight was found using 80 grit garnet.  Using coarser media or less dense media will decrease weight.

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