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Washington Mills Carbolon MA

CARBOLON MA is a domestically produced 90% minimum silicon carbide grain, manufactured specifically for use in the iron and steel industry. CARBOLON MA is used in the foundry industry for the electric furnace production of gray, ductile or malleable iron, and steel. It is a prime source of silicon and carbon, and due to its powerful deoxidizing effect, CARBOLON MA imparts metallurgical benefits to the metal and enhances furnace lining life. CARBOLON MA’s low nitrogen and sulfur content make it ideal for producing all types of irons. It also has an inert content that yields slags with a melting point and consis tency that allows efficient slag removal from the furnace.


CARBOLON MA can be effectively used in the production of steel as a solid fuel to replace hot metal or adjust tempera ture. It can also be used to reduce metal from metal oxides in slag, therefore improving recoveries of valuable elements such as manganese and chromium. CARBOLON MA does not cause clogging of caster nozzles as experienced with the use of other silicon carbides.

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