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Deadman Controls

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Schmidt G2 Pneumatic Deadman Control

The Schmidt® brand G2 pneumatic and G2E electric deadman controls are widely considered to be the most dependable and safest available. Designed based on real-world abrasive airblast applications, these deadman controls have all the features and benefits that operators are looking for. The G2 and G2E are easy and comfortable to use, provide fast response, are simple to maintain and optimize operator safety.


Parts for G2 Pneumatic Deadman Control

Part No
2263-002 G2 Pneumatic Deadman
2263-002-99 G2 Replacement Parts Kit
1 2263-002-01 G2 Deadman Lever
2 2263-002-02 G2 Deadman Body
3 * 2263-002-03 G2 Deadman Cartridge Assembly
4 2263-002-04 G2 Deadman Hinge Pin
5 * 2263-002-05 G2 Deadman Cartridge Set Screw
6 2263-002-06 G2 Deadman Button
7 * 2263-002-07 Deadman Spring
8 * 2263-000-08 Deadman Screw for Button
9 3031-300-00 Hex Nipple, 1/8" x 1/8" with ball seat
10 3031-302-02 Hex Nipple, 1/4" x 1/4" with ball seat
11 * 2263-002-10 G2 Deadman Dust Plug
* Items included in Replacement Kit

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