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Smith & Richardson Chaplets

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Radiator Chaplets

Radiator Chaplets are manufactured from mild steel, generally coated with tin and used in thin-walled castings where the chaplet can be set in the pattern or into an insert in the pattern before the mold is formed or rammed. Non-ferrous metals for the stem such as aluminum, and copper, are available upon request.

The information listed in the chart details general characteristics on their dimensional design. These chaplets can have knitting nicks, to aid in fusion, on the stems and a break-off nick above the shoulder. Their heads can be produced in a cross, square, or "SR" open configuration. Additional design modifications can be integrated to meet your specifications.

Length of the stem can be produced from 1/2"-12,7 MM to 3-1/2"-88,9 MM

Standard Stem Sizes

Stem sizes not listed can be produced upon request

3/64" .0475 #18 1,2
1/16" .0625 #16 1,6
N/A .0720 #15 1,8
3/32" .0890 #13 2,3
N/A .1050 #12 2,7
1/8" .1200 #11 3,0
N/A .1350 #10 3,4
3/16" .1770 #7 4,5
1/4" .2253 #4 5,7

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