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Portable Vacuum Systems

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DeMarco 1000 Series Portable Industrial Vacuums

Designed for light to medium duty applications, the DEMARCO® 1000 Series Portable Industrial Vacuum is a compact unit that is easily maneuverable. Suitable for wet or dry applications, this vacuum offers 15 to 30 HP drive packages and 1/3 to 1-1/2 cu yd. material collection hoppers. The innovative, high efficiency DEMARCO® MAXcartridge™ Filter enables for continuous uninterrupted use. Capable of vacuuming up to 265 lb/min, these industrial vacuums provide an ideal alternative to manual waste removal.

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DeMarco 2000 Series Portable Industrial Vacuums

The DEMARCO® 2000 Series Portable Industrial Vacuum is suitable for medium to heavy duty applications. Capable of vacuuming up 465 lb/min of wet or dry materials, this easily maneuverable system can be configured with a 1/2 to 2-1/2 cu yd. material collection hopper. The 25 to 50 HP drive packages allow for pickup capabilities of up to 14 tons per hour.

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DeMarco 4000 Series Portable Industrial Vacuums

When you require the most powerful portable industrial vacuum, the DEMARCO® 4000 Series is the ideal option targeted for extremely heavy-duty applications of wet or dry materials. This industrial vacuum line has the capacity to vacuum up to 48 tons/hour. Equipped with up to a 150 HP drive package, this industrial vacuum offers an airflow rating of up to 3410+ CFM. The 4" to 14" material inlet port allows for the maximum intake of waste material.

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