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GMA Garnet

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Waterjet Cutting

With GMA Garnet™, you can be confident you will maximise production and safeguard your equipment. Our world class processing ensures that every batch of garnet contains highly accurate sized grains of the purest almandine garnet. This ensures there is no dust or ineffective fine grains to restrict garnet free flow and no oversize grains to block focussing tubes, resulting in uninterrupted production from your waterjet cutting equipment.

 GMA Garnet™ Abrasive Performance

  GMA has a full range of high performance crushed and alluvial almandine garnet grades for any waterjet cutting operation. 

    Waterjet-Vent-Diagram.JPG                  Waterjet-Cutting-Comparison-Graph.JPG

  *Note: This chart is a general guide only. Product performance variations may occur due to difference in material type, thickness, equipment brands and water pressure.


World class GMA Garnet™ maximizes production and safeguards your waterjet equipment.

  • Supports peak performance and longer operating life
  • Guarantees high production rates and the perfect cutting edge
  • Minimizes downtime and reduces consumption
  • Recognises industry standard amongst manufacturers.

GMA ExcelCut™

The Sharpest, Hardest Waterjet Abrasive. GMA’s ExcelCut™ is unique in the waterjet world. It is engineered to provide superior performance for the most demanding waterjet applications. Learn more!


GMA ProCut™

The evolution of waterjet abrasives. An engineered blend of both crushed ‘hard rock’ and alluvial almandine garnet. Offers powerful cutting performance & speed. Learn more here!


GMA ClassicCut™

The most popular waterjet abrasive range. GMA ClassicCut™ range is a versatile, all-purpose abrasive ideal for general waterjet cutting. Find out more here!


GMA MicroCut™

GMA MicroCut™ is the high-precision garnet abrasive for waterjet cutting of close tolerance parts. The particle size allows operators to achieve superior edge quality with max. precision. Learn more!


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