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Clemco Beacon LED Blast Light

Clemco Industries

Clemco Beacon LED Blast Light Blast LightClemco Beacon LED Blast Light

The Clemco Beacon blast light is a powerful 860-lumen LED light source to illuminate the work surface. Four assemblies are available: 12-volt DC and 120-volt AC models with either 50 ft or 100 ft of power cord.



Requirements for Operation

120-volt AC or 12-volt DC power source.

Description of Operation

The light module mounts either to the blast nozzle holder or to the blast hose, secured with cable ties. The rugged, cut resistant 18-gauge cable is tied along the length of the blast hose. A quick-change assembly allows easy lens replacement when abrasive rebound frosts the durable Pyrex® lens.


Lamp Type: Cree XLamp MC-E® LED
Lumens (raw): 860
Dimensions: 2-7/8” OD x 4” H x 3” D
Watts: 10
LED Drive %: 90%
Voltage: 12-volt DC or 120-volt AC
Beam spread: 20-degrees spot
Amps: 1 amp
LED Light Color: 6000k
LED Life Expectancy: 50,000 hours
Optics Efficiency: 90%
Materials: aluminum housing, polycarbonate inner lens,
borosilicate outer lens
Weight/light module: 0.8 lbs


Part No
1 27748 Retainer, outer lens
2 27751 Bracket, mounting
3 28161 Mount, light
4 28162 Screw, light mount
5 28160 Diffuser
6 03055 Screw, ¼-NC x 1.5" hex head cap
7 03112 Nut, ¼-NC lock
8 02395 Ties, 14.5" long, nylon (pack of 2)
9 00187 Gasket, 5/32" x ¾" adhesive backed, by foot, specify length
10 27758 *Driver, 120-V to 12-V LED
11 27756 *Strain relief, ¾-NPT x ¼" cable
12 27757 *Strain relief, ¾-NPT x 3/8" to 5/8" cable
13 27766 *Cord, 4-ft 120-V Power
14 27763 **Clamp set, 12 volt battery
15 28163 Service kit, glass outer lens [o-ring (1), glass lens(3)]
16 28164 Service kit, poly inner lens [backplate screws (4), backplate (2 halves), retainer gasket (1), molded gasket (1), poly lens (2), backplate nuts (4)]
* Used only with 120-volt lights
** Used only with 12-volt lights

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