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XT Thermocouples

The improved XT® thermocouple with the class 3 sleeve offers the molten metals producer the most accurate, reliable and safe immersion thermocouple available. The class 3 sleeve is a custom developed composite LBF (low bio-persistent fiber) material that offers superior insulation and resistance to molten metal corrosion. The construction of the XT with the class 3 sleeve ensures a robust design that performs well in iron, steel and nonferrous applications. All Heraeus Electro-Nite manufacturing plants utilize the ISO9000- 2000 Quality Management System.


The XT thermocouple is designed to be used in furnaces, ladles, pour boxes, cupola streams and other areas where a multiple immersion temperature is preferred. The XT thermocouple is available in type S and B, IPTS 1948 and 1968 calibration scale. The highly accurate thermocouple element is traceable to NIST and the accuracy is better then .25% of the measured value. The XT thermocouple can measure molten metal temperatures from 900 ºF – 3300 ºF. The XT2 model is designed for iron and carbon steel, the XT4 model has a corrosion resistant coating that improves performance in high alloy steels and nonferrous metals.


Manufactured with AES Fiber


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