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Chlor*Rid Chloride Ion Test for Abrasives

An easy to use, accurate field test for chloride contamination of abrasives.

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Chlor*Rid Chloride, Sulfate, Nitrate Ion Tests for Surfaces

The world's most complete "salt" field test kit for surfaces.

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DeFelsko PosiTector 200

Non-destructive measurement of single or multiple layer coating thickness over wood, concrete, plastics, composites and more.

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DeFelsko PosiTector 6000

Electronic coating thickness gages (magnetic and eddy current principles) for ferrous and non-ferrous metals.

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DeFelsko PosiTector Replica Tape Reader

Digital spring micrometers measure and record surface profile parameters using Testex Press-O-Film™ replica tape.

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DeFelsko PosiTector Surface Profile Gauges

Fast measurement rate of over 50 readings per minute - ideal for quickly and accurately measuring surface profile over large, flat surface areas.

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Elcometer 115 Wet Film Combs

These reusable precision stainless steel combs are made to be long lasting and are supplied with either Metric or Imperial measurements.

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Elcometer 124 Testex Tape Thickness Gauge

The Elcometer 124 Thickness Gauge is used to measure the peak-to-valley height of a surface profile moulded in Testex tape.

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Elcometer 319 Dewpoint Meter

This rugged dew point meter is designed to measure and record all relevant climatic parameters required to determine whether the conditions are suitable for painting. The Elcometer 319 dewpoint meter can be used as a hand-held gauge or a stand alone data logger - ideal for monitoring climatic conditions over a period of time.

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Elcometer 3238 Long Edge Wet Film Comb

These stainless steel combs are wire eroded to provide an accuracy of ±2.5µm (0.01mil) and are supplied with either Metric or Imperial measurements.

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Elcometer 355 Coating Thickness Gauge

The Elcometer 355’s watchwords are accuracy, simplicity, versatility and durability making this a true state of the art hand held measuring system packed with time-saving and cost-cutting features.

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Elcometer 456 Coating Thickness Gauges with Bluetooth

The new Elcometer 456 Coating Thickness Gauge sets new standards making measuring dry film thickness faster, reliable and accurate; helping you to become more efficient.

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Elcometer Digital Inspection Kit

Available as a Basic or Top version, these digital inspection kits have been specifically designed to undertake the three principal inspection requirements in the Protective and Industrial Coatings Industry – climate, surface profile and dry film thickness. Ideal for ‘paperless’ quality assurance systems the kits come complete with ElcoMaster™ Data Management Software for professional reporting and analysis.

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Testex Press-O-Film™ HT Replica Tape

Press-O-Film (POF) consists of a layer of crushable plastic microfoam coated onto a polyester film of highly uniform thickness. When compressed against a roughened material, Press-O-Film accurately replicates details of its surface roughness.

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