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GMA Garnet™



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Blast Cleaning Abrasive Fine & Super Fine Abrasives
Waterjet Cutting Abrasive Waterjet Cutting Grade TDS

GMA Garnet™ blast cleaning abrasives are well suited to most fields of surface preparation industry, with or without subsequent coatings in particular:

  • Bridge and weir lock.
  • Building and structural steel.
  • Construction and maintenance of chemical plants, nuclear and fossil power stations, gas and sewerage plants, desalination and industrial plants.
  • Construction and maintenance of containers and tanks, tank trucks and rail tanks, wagons and coaches.
  • Non-ferrous surfaces and turbine blades (special mesh).
  • Oil and petrochemical maintenance in refineries and storage tanks including on-shore and off-shore installations.
  • Shipyards, new building, conversion and repair including antimagnetic and other special steels as well as aluminium super structures and aluminium and fibreglass hulls.
  • Stainless Steel.
  • Stone building facades and monuments.

GMA Garnet™ provides optimum blasting efficiency and economy if correctly applied. Here are some guidelines:

  • Ensure the nozzle air pressure is 95-100psi (measured at the nozzle). Note: for every 1psi under 100psi, efficiency is reduced by 1.5%, i.e. at 70psi you are blasting at 55% efficiency. 
  • Check nozzle pressure frequently with a hypodermic needle gauge
  • Check nozzle frequently for wear and replace when worn to ensure optimum productivity is maintained.
  • Check all blast pot fittings, hoses and hose couplings, both air and air/abrasive and repair anything that are faulty immediately. Any air leak will cause a loss in pressure at the nozzle.
  • Use an efficient moisture removal system to prevent pressure drop.
  • Use an efficient moisture removal system to prevent pressure drop.
  • Fit an abrasive valve that can accurately meter the abrasive flow to ensure correct air/abrasive mix in the blast hose as accurate abrasive metering is very important.
  • Ensure all blast pots are supplied by an air hose that has a minimum id of 40mm (1 1/2") preferably 50mm (2"). This hose must be fitted with non-restrictive coupling fittings.
  • The air piping on your blast pot must be a minimum of 32mm id (1 1/4"). Be sure that full port ball valves are used on the choke valve. Do not use reduced port valves anywhere in the system as a pressure drop will occur because of restricted air flow through the ball valve.


Cuts fast and reduces abrasive consumption—Less abrasive means lower disposal cost—Environmentally friendly - no heavy metals—Low dusting - better visibility while blasting—Recyclable


  • Size 16 (Extra Coarse): removes very thick coatings (50-60+ mils) and rust. Can obtain a 4+ mil profile on steel.
  • Size 36 (Coarse): removes thick coatings (20-50 mils). Typical mil profile between 3.5 - 4.5 on steel.
  • Size 30/40 (Medium Coarse): removes heavy coatings and rust (20-40+ mils) while maintaining a consistent profile, typically ranging from 2.5 - 3.0 on steel surfaces.
  • Size 30/60 (Medium): very common grade used for new steel and various types of maintenance work on coatings (ranging up to 20 mils) resulting in a typical profile between 2.0 - 2.5 on steel surfaces.
  • Size 80 (Fine): typically used on more sensitive surfaces, typically produces a 1.5 - 2.0 mil profile on steel surfaces.


Available in:

  • BAGS 55/100lb
  • BULK BAGS 2000/4000lbs
  • Bulk Per ton

GMA Garnet


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