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The Significant Advantages of Crucible Melting

Crucibles have the unique ability to melt, hold and transfer metal using a single vessel, while also allowing incompatible alloy changes to be made simply by switching vessels. This operational flexibility is unchallenged in the industry.

However, even when fixed within the furnace structure, crucibles offer significant advantages when compared to directly-heated fuel–fired furnaces and to electric resistance or induction furnaces with rammed refractory linings. These important benefits include:

  • Lower Metal Loss / Cleaner Metal
  • Alloy Flexibility
  • Significantly Reduced Downtime/Quick Replacement

With over 16 different brands, many different profiles and thousands of items to choose from, MorganMMS has one of the most extensive crucible product ranges of any manufacturer, thereby giving you a number of options for your melting applications.



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